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Hiring best fresh talent will give you best out put at work, with reduced cost and fresh approach and quick results.

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You can screen candidates online, using MCQ based assessment to check aptitude and code editor to check coding skills.

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Hiring best talent is just a click away

Now hiring best talent from any campus, is just a click away. We help you find right candidate in no time.

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Job Expo Spotlight!

Job Expo 2011 @ InTarvo Technologies
Job Expo @ MIT, Pune
Job Expo 2012 @ Yavatmal
Career Fair 2012 @ Amity Global Business School, Pune
Job Expo 2012 @ Symboisis, Pune
Job Expo 2013 @ MIT - SOM @ Pune
International Career Convention @ Pune
Career Fair & Skill Development @ Yavatmal
Pool Campuses Drive @ Amravati & Yavatmal
Online Job Expo 2012, Pune

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A team dedicated to help 10,000 people get their first job by 31st Dec 2015.

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We're driven by the needs and opportunities of our clients - it's something we've been practising for years.


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