Infosys organizes US hackathon to attract global talent

Indian IT has often been accused of hiring low level, low-cost programmers, pejoratively referred to as “cyber coolies”. But Infosys’s new CEO Vishal Sikka looks now to be trying to win the best of global programming brains. The $8.2-billion IT company organized its first big hackathon in the US in Princeton University earlier this month. Called HackPrinceton, it saw the participation of more than 600 students. Princeton is a private Ivy League research university in New Jersey.



8 thing that Infosys looks while hiring new employee.

Below are the 8 things that Infosys looks into every employee they hire.

Why attitude is important?

Every Student is unique in its own sense and has individual identity, but when it comes to industry requirement, there is something specific that every interviewer looks for and that is positive attitude, this specially consists of having specific Goal in life and Passion towards achieving the same. Click on the link to read more about attitude

What is the importance of communication?

Communication is when people can understand your language and what you say. But in this global economy, English communication has emerged as a need of hour. You need to match the needs and be a good communicator. Only when you speak good, people understand and appreciate your views, if you cant express, it becomes difficult for people to understand your ideas and hence they are unable to appreciate your knowledge. Click on the link to read more about Communication Skills.

Why presentation skills is important?

Everyone has to know that when we present something, the message should really emphasize the mind of the audience, this majorly includes body language and dressing sense. Even if you have good knowledge but you are not able to present it well to people around you or during interviews, the interviewer tend to reject you based on presentation skills.  Your hand Movements and facial expression and dress up will matter a lot. Click on the link to read more about Presentation Techniques.

Why managing pressure during studies is important

With the growing economy and work /study pressure being increasingly high, every one now has to think and manage time, to use it for their best productivity and hence lifestyle management is the integral part of everyone’s life, simple method self lifestyle management can make you go great and achieve your dream job because now you can manage things well, this is helpful because you can get more time and do things in a best way. Click on the link to read more about Lifestyle Management.

What does industry expects from students?

In the competitive market of today’s world every industry looks for the best, Best in everything, but the most important things which industry looks in to every candidate is being honest, being visionary, ability to fight, good aptitude, problem solving skills. Click on the link to read more about Industry Expectation.

Why public speaking is important?

We all work in team, not everyone is a born leader but to grow high in career, every individual needs to encourage team and be someone whom people can follow. This requires ability to speak freely in front of people and confidently present your views. Strong exercise and role plays can ensure you achieve breakthrough in public speaking. Click on the link to read more about Public Speaking.

Why companies take group discussion during interview process?

Most of the companies use group discussion as one of the elimination strategy, the important skills that they look here is ability to work with team, leadership qualities, social awareness and body language.  As a manager or as a member of an organization you will always be working in teams. Therefore how you interact in a team becomes an important criterion for your selection. Managers have to work in a team and get best results out of teamwork. That is the reason why management institutes include GD as a component of the selection procedure.

Why stress management is very important?

It’s very important that even in the toughest of the situations we maintain our head cool, because people who stress out, ultimately end up losing, we teach important ticks to overcome this phenomenon. During group discussion and various other interview process the interviewers tend to put candidates under stress full situation and check if they can handle stress. So it becomes very important to know and manage the stressful situations during interviews.


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How to face interviews with confidence

Even the most technically strong person can face confidence issues during the interview. It is quite common. However, with some tricks, you can easily sport confidence which increases the chances of getting hired.

Confidence is the first thing that hits the eye of your potential employer. If you are technically very strong or you have amazing set of skills, your confidence will eclipse those skills. Having skills is not enough, you need to look confident. Looking confident assures your potential employer that he is making a good hiring decision. It doesn’t matter how much the interviewer is confident about you, but what matters even more is your own confidence about your fitness for the job.

Let’s get to the meat of the post. How are you going to look confident if you don’t feel confident about yourself. Here I have listed the top 3 methods that will make you confident or make you look confident.

1. Fake it till you make it: If you are not confident about yourself, just fake the confidence. This may sound weird at first but believe me it is one of most powerful tools used by the most successful people on this planet sometime during the life time.

2. Know your art well: There is no alternative to knowing your art well. If you don’t know your stuff it is very difficult show confidence. So the first step is to make sure you know what is needed for your job well.

3. Keep communicating:  Most people stop communicating enough at the interview. If you don’t know an answer its fine. You need to keep communicating what you know. This shows your logical thinking to the interviewer. No interviewer expects you to know everything in the world, but he could be looking for your ability to think logically especially under pressure situations.

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3 simple ways to get your dream job

Its common across all students finding their dream job, you have likely already been through some tough time getting through the interview. When it comes to getting dream job, not everyone gets the best shot at the interviews.

The challenge:

This majorly happens due to lack of few very important skills. Its hard to understand what went wrong in the interviews.

After interviewing lot of students and Human Resource managers, of all the answers we received, we found they fit into 3 key ways.

1) Be your-self: Every company wants to recruit the honest person, if you try to bluff the interviewer they can get this right there. This mistake of assuming that that lie works, will kill all your expectations and end up you in the rejection list. Lots of students undergo this situation and it takes ling time for them to understand that only true values and answers can help them clear the interview.

Even if the truth is harsh to say, you should have the courage to put it forward and face the situation, this is the skill what company expects in every candidate they recruit.

2) Communicate: This is one of the most important skills that an employers expects, but most of us think that if we could speak english we are good at communication. Lot of students in spite of speaking good English get rejected due to lack of communication. Communication actually means ” When some one can understand what you say”. So whether its english or any other language you are comfortable with. Even if the requirement says engilsh is required if you can express whats in your mind using any language, you chances of getting selected are very high.

3) Goal: Success only comes to those who strive for it. Goal is must to have, every company has their vision and mission, they want some one who could come together to help them achieve those missions and visions. So if you don’t have any goal, how would you help some one else achieve goal. Having a strong big goal makes you different, makes you powerful. This is what company looks for in a ideal candidate.

At Jobpedia, we’ve been encouraging combination of the methods above including; various ways to improve communication, presentation, body language etc.

If you’re experiencing this challenge, are using one of the methods above or have an answer you can’t see here, let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or write to me at [email protected]  Many thanks to everyone who has shared insight so far!