Do you know of a good field service management/dispatch software?

Answer on @Quora by Mohamed Abed of Do you know of a good field service management/dispatch software?

Answer by Mohamed Abed:

I am the founder of Call of Service .. We just released the first version.
Call of Service


What is a typical day like for a software engineer at Google?

Answer by Anonymous:

In short: Google Engineers are pampered!

Typical day starts with:


    What are some wittiest ways to skip the question asked by interviewer without jeopardising with selections?

    Answer by Subhash Trivedi:

    The Intention here when asking questions is to see if the candidate has knowledge about the same, some times this questions are also meant to understand your psychology based on the answers you give.


    What exactly happens during campus placements in Indian engineering colleges?

    Answer by Subhash Trivedi:

    Every Engineering company looks to hire some fantastic piece of brains, they want to ensure every candidate they hire should be a good. Good at aptitude, Good at Logic, Good at Communication (Differ's between Company to company).

    What are some best practices for Django development?

    Answer by Joseph Misiti:

    Here are some things I have learned over the years that have helped me:

    1. Try to setup your projects with the following directory structure


    Which language is best, C, C++, Python or Java?

    Answer by Andrea Ferro:

    If you are writing an operating system, I suggest you use C.
    If you are writing a very complex application where execution speed is extremely important, I suggest you use C++.
    If time to market is key, but execution speed is not important, I suggest you use python.
    If your boss told you: "do it in Java or you are fired" I suggest you use Java and look for a better workplace.


    Why should I learn Python if I already know Java?

    Answer by Manan Dhawan:

    • Beautiful and elegant.
    • Easier to learn.
    • No fuss of the curly braces {}.
    • You don't have to define the variable type [Python is smart enough].
    • Nice support community.

    How would one explain object-oriented programming to a beginner?

    Answer by Avinash Raj:

    I haven't seen a better explanation about OOP till date than the one given by a guy who never had any formal engineering training but always had clear idea about everything he did and preached, be it technology,design or art.

    Can I get a job in Google as a programmer after doing BCA from India?

    Answer by Chetan Bhasin:

    Now, that's a question of my interest. I'm in third year of BCA and there was a time when I was absolutely obsessed with getting a job at Google (someday).

    Will I get a job as a programmer if I don’t know GUI programming in C++?

    Answer by Sergey Zubkov:

    You certainly can get a C++ programming job that doesn't involve GUI, I'd even say it's hard (and increasingly harder) to find a C++ job that does. As a personal anecdote, I've been programming in C++ across several industries (telecom, transportation, finance) and never once programmed or modified any GUI.