What is a typical day like for a software engineer at Google?

Answer by Anonymous:

In short: Google Engineers are pampered!

Typical day starts with:

  1. Get picked up by frequent Google Shuttles near your home

Bike to work or take your bike in the shuttle racks for an evening biking.

2. Free wifi in the bus to start checking your mails, calendar or just browse

3. If you did not bike to work have a workout at the gym

4. Have free breakfast with some variety

5. Some teams have daily standup meetings

6. Start coding. All Engineers either get 2 24" monitors or 1 big 30" monitor.
High end workstation. Ergonomic chair, Ergonomic keyboards. Macbook pro/Macbook air/Linux/Windows laptops!  Bean bags lying nearby.
Attend a meetings. Based on your role you might attend one to tens of meetings every week. Attend meetings at different buildings spread over a vast campus and use shuttle service or help yourself with gbikes.

7. If you get bored have fun with slide

or play

or bowling at

or climb

swim at endless lap pools

or have some refreshments at micro kitchens in less than 100 meters from your desk

or just relax at

7. Get back to work

8. Decide which cafeteria you would like to have a meal today!
Enjoy the different cuisine tasty food with a hell lot of choices.
The number of choices is much more than that for breakfast and dinner

Don't forget the desserts!

9. Get back to work

10. Have dinner again at these amazing cafes and get dropped with the frequent comfortable shuttles.

If its a Friday, celebrate TGIF with snacks and alcohol.

If you want to take a break from these perks you can work from home too :)

Occasionally you would also use onsite haircuts, onsite doctor, massage, attend tech and non-tech talks!
Go for team offsite and ski, snowboard, go-kart or Las Vegas …

The best part is everyday you get to talk to the smartest people, learn and grow!

Google is definitely a dream company!!! Keeping employees happy with great culture and keeping users happy with great products.

What is a typical day like for a software engineer at Google?


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