5 Tips for your first Interview

Be your self. It makes lot of sense.

How many times you want to go for interviews before you get your first job?

Remember you only get once chance to prove that you fit the requirement, take advantage of every moment you spend in the interview room. 

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Job Openings In India To Scale Up In 2015

The year 2014 witnessed an average growth of 10-12% in hiring and 8-10% hike in salaries. A sense of positivity prevailed in the economy throughout the year with jobseekers finding suitable jobs to earn their livelihood.

The New Year is expected to further scale up job opportunities in the Indian job market. Hiring is expected to grow in major industries including IT, FMCG, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma, Telecom and the Financial Sector. That apart, Indian travel and tourism industry will also contribute to the job market through the new Indian e-visa system rolled out for 43 countries.

Many human resource and job consulting companies are positive that the sentiments currently floating in the Indian job market will continue to draw big benefits to the jobseekers. An article published in Economic Times quoted the who’s who of country’s recruitment industry as they expressed their views and listed few hottest jobs trends for 2015. Few jobs that will be in high demand include:

  • Retail Planners
  • Digital Marketers
  • Product Managers
  • Senior IT Professionals
  • Data Scientists

These and a plenty other profiles will be in great demand in varied industries. From BPO, Banking, to Retail and Advertising, more and more jobs will be seen across the country. The Narendra Modi government’s initiatives to attract more foreign investment to the country and the “Make in India” drive will further add to shaping 2015 job scenario.

According to a report by Business Standard, about 3 Lakh NRIs will return to India in 2015 as job opportunities galore.

Reference: http://www.y-axis.com/news/job-openings-india-scale-2015/


How to Develop iPhone App?


I recently learned iPhone Development, it is so easy and interesting. You just need basic knowledge of programming and object oriented concepts.
Lets begin.

Tools Required:
IDE for Programming : X-Code available only on MAC Machines

Programming Language : Objective C
Objective-C is the primary programming language which provides object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime has elements that are unlike any language you’ve probably experienced, so sit back and enjoy your journey into the world of Objective-C.
Objective-C inherits the syntax, primitive types, and flow control statements of C and adds syntax for defining classes and methods.Objective-C source code program files usually have .m file name extensions, while header files have .h extensions, the same as for C header files.
It also adds language-level support for object graph management and object literals while providing dynamic typing and binding, deferring many responsibilities until runtime.

Basic Concepts of Objective C
Basic Structure and concepts of Objective are same as normal object oriented programming language.
1. Program Structure
2. Basic Syntax
3. Data Types, Variables, Constants, Operators, Loops, Decision Making, Functions,  Blocks,  Numbers,  Arrays, Pointers, Strings, Structures,  Preprocessors, Typedef, Type Casting,Log Handling, Error Handling,Command-Line Arguments
4. Class,Methods,Protocols,Inheritance
5. GUI Forms and Pages
6. Event Handling
7. Networking
8. Database Connectivity

Development Approach
X-Code is like Visual Studio, just drag n drop the controls  and write code associate to it. It is done using X-Code with the help of Storyboard. Storyboard is nothing but the flow of the project, which transition from page to page.
Storyboard shows the flow of form to form,page to page, programmer can understand the flow of the app. But the problem is you need to create separate class foe each control you are using in GUI and link both of them.
And also assign the delegate to them.A delegate is an object that acts on behalf of, or in coordination with, another object when that object encounters an event in a program. Delegate are nothing but event handlers. This is little bit complex process. If you forget to link class to GUI control and delegate, application will not work as per expectation.

So, I  have chosen to develop iPhone App throughout programmatically. It is very much easier for me.
When We create app throughout programmatically you just need to do following the following steps.
1. Create Object of the Control (Here called as view)
2. set properties ot it.
3. Set location.
4. Add to the view controller on which you are going to add the control.
5. Write method to perform the work as per event specified for the control.
And Done.It is same as the creating object of GUI Object and adding it of form like in JAVA.

One thing you need to do, By default root view is selected as per storyboard. While creating apps, by default it contain storyboard,but it should not, So delete Story bard from project and its reference too. Set you base view controller as root controller in AppDelegate.m. By this, You view controller will display first.

Here, list of links for learning iPhone Development.
Reference :

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About IDE:

How to starte iPhone Development?


Your First iOS App: 100% Programmatically

Basics of Objective C:

Enjoy iPhone Development.

Friends if you have any questions feel free to post them in comment, I will be happy to answer all you queries.


Power of django

Are you tired of writing bulk of code & numerous lines of queries?

Then django is right platform for you. Django is python framework which follows ORM (Object Relational Mapping) concept. Here you don’t have to create tables but models. Model can be viewed as a class corresponding to your database table and fields as model’s attribute. You can even write methods that will manipulate attributes. Django automatically creates tables corresponding to your models in database.

For retrieval of information from database, you will have to write very few lines of code as compared to lengthy database query. Hence django saves your valuable time. Here is link of complete django documentation.



How to deploy Django with Apache and mod_wsgi to get Django into Production on AWS?

MOD_WSGI is an Apache module which can host any Python WSGI application, including Django.

Follow the below steps to deploy Django with Apache and mod_wsgi to get Django into Production


1. Update PACKAGES

$ sudo bash

$ yum update

$ sudo yum install make automake gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel git-core -y

$ yum reinstall glibc-common

2. Install HTTPD

$ yum install httpd

$ sudo yum install httpd-devel

3. Install MYSQL

$ yum install mysql

$ sudo yum install MySQL-python

4. Install PYTHON

$ sudo yum install python27-devel -y

$ rm /usr/bin/python

$ ln -s /usr/bin/python2.7 /usr/bin/python

$ wget –no-check-certificate http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/d/distribute/distribute-0.6.35.tar.gz

$ tar xf distribute-0.6.35.tar.gz

$ cd distribute-0.6.35

$ python2.7 setup.py install

5. Install PIP

$ easy_install-2.7 pip

6. Install DJANGO

$ pip install django

To check if Django is installed successfully create a project ‘test1’  using the command:

$ django-admin startproject test1

7. Install MOD_WSGI

$ wget http://modwsgi.googlecode.com/files/mod_wsgi-3.4.tar.gz

If you are unable to download the package from above link, google for the link to download mod_wsgi package and untar it using the command:

$ tar xzf mod_wsgi-3.4.tar.gz
$ cd mod_wsgi-3.4
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Hooray…you are ready to host your project.

For any queries please comment below.


How to index ManyToMany field in django?

Are you facing problems to include ManyToMany field in django haystack indexing? Then here is the solution.

Indexing a single valued field is not that much hard. When it comes for multi-valued field, a big question comes into your mind. In this case, index_obj=indexes.MultiValueField(indexed=True, stored=True) will help you.

Since we cannot assign multi-valued fields directly, include following code in search_index.py


             return [index_obj.attribute for index_obj in obj.index_obj.select_related()]

Now, you have indexed your ManyToMany field. Then go to your views.py and find the ManyToMany object which belongs to search keyword.

index_obj = MultiValuedModel.objects.get(name=request.GET.get(‘SearchKeyword’)

Thats it…, Now you can filter SearchQuerySet() by index_obj parameter. This is how you can index ManyToMany field.

Refer this link to get into more depth


Crawling website with Python


Crawling a website with Python is an easy task, provided we use below libraries 😉


  • BeautifulSoup – A Python library which eases html parsing. Gives an object using which accessing html tags is just a matters of few mins.
  • Requests – A HTTP library for Python.

BeautifulSoup can be plugged with any html/xml parser you want. It uses lxml parser which uses Xpath internally. Many such parsers are listed in this link BeautifulSoup

One important aspect in scrapping webpages is detecting their encoding.
BeautifulSoup by default encodes the html to unicode.
It does sometimes misunderstands encoding.
UnicodeDammit in BeautifulSoup-4 is said to take care of encoding well. Needs to be explored more.

If you have any question feel free to ask in the comment box below. Happy to help :)


Looking for search engine in django?

If you want to implement google like search engine in django then you are at right place. Before reading this blog, I strongly recommend you to have a look on “How google search works”.  Google uses page rank algorithm and indexing technique to make powerful search. However, when you are opting django to implement such powerful search functionality, you don’t have to implement indexing technique by writing your own code.


Django provides library named “haystack” which provides amazing plugins to implement your search engine. Along with haystack, you will also have to install search engine plugin. There are various search engine plugins such as Solr, Elasticsearch, Whoosh, Xapian, etc. From this list, I think that Whoosh is simplest one to implement. Whoosh also provides spelling correction, auto complete, page ranking(boost) & many more functionality. Please refer this link to get more information about haystack.

Let me know if you need more help, post your questions in comment box.


The 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn by 2015

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